What is ReactJS?

2 min readSep 25, 2020

If you are asking “What is ReactJS,” then you are probably already familiar with some of the common programming languages. Moreover, like any coding framework or library, knowing about the ReactJS requires some basic knowledge of JavaScript first.

It is also essential to understand not only what a framework or cording library is, but how it can be used and applied for programmers around the world today.

What is ReactJS, and how is it different than just JavaScript?

The first thing to know is that ReactJS is a library, a template, or a system for using a particular coding language and working with it, while JavaScript is the language itself. Libraries are collections of pre-written JavaScript code that can be used for common JS tasks, which lets you save a lot of time and mental energy by avoiding having to painstakingly code things by hand.

JavaScript itself is one of the oldest programming languages, as well as the most widely used and applicable. What is essential to understand is how a JavaScript framework is useful for you.

For example, using JavaScript coding libraries offers the ability to avoid or easily solve repetitive tasks. Chances are there is probably a JavaScript library for any generic JavaScript function that you and other developers have had to face repeatedly coding by hand.

This same structure is used for other developing languages as well. For example, many Ruby developers use the popular Rails framework for their projects, which is what it means when someone says they work with Ruby on Rails.

In the case of ReactJS, the framework was developed and created by Facebook engineer Jordan Walke and first shared through the company newsfeed in the year 2011. It has since been open-sourced, and like most coding libraries and languages, has seen numerous new iterations and additions since it was first introduced.

Why should I learn React JS?

Simply put, working with ReactJS can help you to create impressive UI easily.

In addition, as more and more commerce is moved to the digital realm, and thus digital storefronts and apps become more critical to successful businesses, the corresponding demand for programmers fluent in ReactJS grows rapidly. If you envision a future in programming as a possible career, learning ReactJS and affording yourself the skill set to match this growing demand is a wise choice.