Top 5 Programming Languages

3 min readSep 16, 2020


Programming has become a very popular occupation in the last decade. No need to mention that, on average, programming jobs offer significantly higher wages than positions in other sectors, and as a result, jobs for skilled professionals are in high demand. But even if you do not follow a programming career path, having an understanding of at least one or two programming languages makes for an impressive addition to any resume. Additionally, you become more competitive during this time, when even kids learn programming starting from school.

So, here are the top 5 programming languages one should know about:


Python programming language is by far the most popular programming language demanded by the online recruiters as well as the corporate offices. This language is being used for web development. Developers also use Python as a support language, which increases its scope and utility. Other than its use in web development, and as a support language for software development, the language is used in scientific computing, machine learning, and data mining. Due to its vast application, learning this language can be very rewarding for an individual.


JavaScript plays an essential role in front end web development to implement a dynamic logic to a page. JavaScript is a programming language for the web; developers use the language for the front end as well as back end website development. It is essential that you learn this programming language because 95% of the websites run on JavaScript.


This is an ancient language among all the programming languages. More than 28 billion developers across the globe know the Java Programming language. Java is popular due to its flexibility that it offers to a developer while developing web and desktop applications.


When it comes to age, C++ is even older than Java. C++ is used in application development of any device. The programming language is used in firmware development, game development, or client-server applications.


A language developed by Apple is a compiled programming language. The language allows developers to develop an intuitive app and is used primarily to create iOS and OSX applications.

To sum up

Each programming language comes with its own set of advantages and challenges. Before selecting a programming language to learn make sure you have done your research about build and execution cycle, memory management etc. It is often recommended to build a cheat sheet for reference when you start learning a new language.

At the time of making your choice of which programming language to use, you should also be aware of common application areas of the languages. Enterprise and financial systems, need to perform complicated functions and remain highly oriented, requiring languages like the C# and Java that offers more control and flexibility. Media and design-related web pages will require dynamic versatile and functional languages with minimal code, such as JavaScript, and Python.

But, most of all, concentrate on the work you enjoy, and it would not even seem difficult to become a great software engineer. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.