Reasons Proving Android Development As An Attractive Career Option

2 min readOct 5, 2020

As the world is coming closer and technology is making life easier and faster, people are making use of smartphones to complete daily chores and office work just on a few clicks irrespective of where they are located or what they are doing. This is made possible via the mobile application.

All smartphone users are aware of Android, being the most used and popular platform. Hence, developing Android devices has become a ‘high demand’ task. Android development across the world has gained speed, and hence, IT students who are in search of a successful career must think of Android development.

In case there is any confusion or doubt, here is the list of reasons which will emphasize the need for pursuing an Android development course.

Growing Demand for Android Developers

The present IT market statistics are shouting loud about the demand of Android developers as the numbers of users of Android are increasing at a faster rate. Android OS is easy to use, and most of the smartphones are running on Android. As the IT advance is frequently happening, Android needs to get updated accordingly. Here comes the need for a skilled Android developer.

Get a Rich Package

By now, it must have been clear that the present and future of the Android OS in the IT sector is inevitable and irreplaceable. So, those who are looking for faster career growth with rich salary packages. Having a recognized certificate in Android development would boost the chances of getting a better position in the market. Plus, the demand for the Android developer is not restricted to one particular market or region. Hence the scope is global.

Enhance Technical Skills

By studying Android development, one will get a chance to learn all the coding tricks which would be workable in the real market scenario. It will enhance and extend the knowledge base, hence increasing opportunities too.

Variety of Job Opportunities

The Android developer has multiple job opportunities in the market. Once the Android course is completed, a person can start working under various job designations such as an Android developer, Android engineer, mobile architect, etc.


If you are thinking or waiting for the right time to learn this skill, then this is the time when the market demand is very much in favor of the Android developers.